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Fixed-term Recruitment

Sometimes your organisation will need to hire staff for a fixed term period. It could be that there’s a vacancy which will only need to be filled for a certain amount of time, perhaps during a busy seasonal period or for a one-off project. When you need to find fixed term staff, you need to be confident the people you’re sourcing are going to be up to the job, because time is often of the essence. This is where our Fixed-term Recruitment Service comes in.

The bottom line is that whatever your fixed-term recruitment need might be we are confident we can help. We can deal with temporary, permanent and fixed term contracts and have specialised recruitment staff in all sectors who really understand the needs of your industry which gives them a real insight when it comes to finding the perfect people to fill the gap in your service provision. Using Tempy in this way often costs a lot less than you might think, so why not ask us for more information.

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