In my attached CV, there is a wide range of  skills and experience that I posses that I believe will benefit me in this particular role. The majority of which can be found during my employment with OCL Solicitors. After working for Prime Formulations, I had developed my experience with face to face communication and also built a strong knowledge and understanding of Microsoft programming and raising or dealing with invoices. I was able to adapt this to my role at OCL Solicitors to function effectively and efficiently in a faster-paced environment. I built on my communication skills by dealing with Clients and external companies over the phone or in a face to face environment and also prioritised workloads effectively to ensure I achieved the best results with Clients and my Employer. Due to my success and wide range of skills in this role, I was promoted to Team Leader. In this role, I was able to apply all of my knowledge and skills to a management role where I began to understand the necessity and importance of managing a team and working with individual needs. I am now looking to expand my skill set by applying my computer literacy, communication techniques and professional manner to a new role with great confidence that I will be able to succeed and flourish within a new working environment.


OCL Solicitors

August 2019 Team Leader

This promotion is not listed in my current CV. This role has helped me develop knowledge of management and how to successfully manage a team. I am able to work with individuals and their needs and make quick and effective decisions to solve any problems or issues that may arise in the work place. This also includes decisions that could affect other employees. I have maintained my ability to manage a large workload while being able to communicate effectively with Clients and external companies to provide regular updates. I have also successfully managed to meet or exceed targets and goals set for me by me employer. I have developed my approachable and professional manner as plenty of other employees were dependent on my knowledge or ability to address certain situations.