John R. Halstead

SBM & Facilities and resources Manager;  Health, safety, risk management and associated operational systems

J. R. Halstead
Flat 2, ‘The Willows’,

Lane End Road


Isle of Wight

PO35 5SU



I have a logical, analytical and creative mind. I am capable of assimilating large amounts of quantitative and qualitative data and drawing on experiences to make educated, firm decisions. I am experienced in resource, staff and contract management, specialising in; Health, safety & systems design, statutory compliance, managing risk, contracts, ICT use & service delivery, improvements strategy, budgets and managing medium to large teams of people. I have a great memory and good self discipline and love nothing more than working above and beyond to see a job through. I am a critical thinking, problem solver at heart and have a penchant for finding the most efficient ways to do things to the best possible standards.


St. Mary’s Independent School /School Business Manager
September 2019: Present

My current responsibilities are to lead the support staff, as part of the Senior Leadership team, supporting the Executive Headteacher in the Schools educational and business aims. I am responsible for line managing the middle management tier in order to enhance the effectiveness of all subsections of the schools operational staff, from finance to cleaning services. I coordinate all financial operations from payroll to procurement. I am required to negotiate with contractors and other third party providers and form strategies for management of all school facilities and resources. I report to and sit on the governing board and regularly provide feedback, providing strategic advice, accepting direction and performing the duty of conduit from the governors to the wider staffing body.

Latest training:


St. Mary’s Independent School / Facilities and Safety Manager
March 2018:  – September 2019,  Southampton, U.K.

Responsibility for all Site Facilities and the health, safety and welfare of 350+ students, staff, members of the public & contractors on the Independent school site and designated, impartial Data Protection Officer.

St. Mary’s Independent School is an all through School, (including Nursery) set on 17 acres, the Independent school site is adorned with many T.P.O. trees with 9 large school buildings and at the centre of site is a Grade II listed building.  The site was in a poor state of repair and maintenance upon my taking up of the role and limited if any Health and Safety was in place, making it a real challenge and an interesting learning experience.

I took up this current role on March the 1st of 2018 having been sought out by a previous colleague.  An Ofsted inspection team arrived in the second week of my tenure and gave the School a lambasting for the condition of H&S, systems management, facilities maintenance and health and safety awareness amongst staff.  Several key issues were laid out for improvement, based on the previous decades of neglect;

The school must meet the following independent school standards:

– Ensure that the relevant health and safety laws are complied with by the drawing up and effective implementation of a written health and safety policy (paragraph 11).

– Ensure that the proprietor complies with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 (paragraph 12).

– Ensure that suitable accommodation is provided in order to cater for the medical and therapy needs of pupils, including accommodation for the medical examination and treatment of pupils and accommodation for the short-term care of sick and injured pupils, which includes a washing facility and is near to a toilet facility (paragraph 24(1), 24(1)(a), 24(1)(b)).

– Ensure that the school premises and the accommodation and facilities provided therein are maintained to a standard such that, so far as is reasonably practicable, the health, safety and welfare of pupils are ensured (paragraph 25).

Ofsted report: March 2018.

As well as these factors, the majority of the plant equipment was in poor condition and past its efficient and useful working life. The fabric of the building was also uncared for and had little or no money spent on it for decades, leaving it not fit for purpose.

I was required to re-design and implement the health and safety systems, policies, procedures and formal action plans from scratch. I started by risk assessing the school, then individually broke down the areas in respect of urgency and formed action plans based on my own experience and that of the experts brought in during and prior to my arrival. I  audited the various aspects of mechanical, electrical and health & safety systems. I then drew up detailed, strategic, timed formal action plans which were ratified by the Ofsted inspection team as ‘proportionate’ and ‘inline with the pace required for improvement’, these plans were also sent to the DfE and similar responses were received.

I then spent the next 5 months diligently working through the plans (adapting where necessary), embedding a new culture of health and safety and re-coordinating my team to be more efficient and effective within the realm of resources and time.

The Ofsted team returned to carry out a progress monitoring report in September 2018 after an extremely expensive and busy spring and summer and the following was noted;

-Leaders have implemented an effective health and safety policy that is sufficiently detailed and thought through and is specific to St Mary’s. It reflects the high priority that leaders now place on this important aspect of independent school leadership. As a result, the school is now a much safer place than at the time of the previous inspection.

-Importantly, leaders have successfully implemented a range of strategies to minimise risks both to pupils and staff. Since the previous inspection, leaders have also commissioned health and safety and fire-risk assessments by external professionals to improve the safety of the school premises. They have acted swiftly to address issues raised as concerns by these assessments and have reduced significantly the potential for accidents at St Mary’s.

-Leaders demonstrate a much more rigorous approach to managing health and safety, including fire-risk assessment.

-Leaders, including governors, regularly carry out safety walks to identify potential dangers to staff and pupils. These checks are recorded appropriately and any subsequent maintenance needs are carried out quickly.

-Following the previous inspection, leaders have successfully addressed the concerns raised about locked fire exits and untested electrical equipment. For instance, they have sought external professional advice and acted accordingly to improve fire-escape routes. Fire drills are carried out regularly to ensure that leaders can evacuate the buildings quickly and safely.

-Leaders have quickly ensured that the school’s medical rooms are fit for purpose. Both rooms provide the required amenities to enable staff to look after pupils well. Importantly, the rooms provide a quiet and comforting environment for pupils to recuperate and rest in if they are hurt or feeling unwell.

-The newly appointed ‘health and well-being’ lead provides additional care for pupils. For instance, she is at hand to provide paediatric first-aid care during breaktimes and to staff the medical room when children are sick or injured. The enhanced level of care now provided enhances the welfare provision available for pupils.

-All standards that were checked in this part of the independent school standards are met.

Ofsted: Monitoring visit, September 2018.

I managed a team of 6 cleaners, 3 Site team members, and the School nurse (Health and wellbeing lead).  These roles are all various in nature and required various approaches to gain the best out of them and fast track their improvements, working inline with the Ofsted and DfE action plan.

This role included the day to day operational coordination of the aforementioned staff, (utilising freshdesk ticketing system), accident and investigation reports, statutory health and safety compliance, checks and inspections, policy and procedure writing, planned preventative maintenance and reactive facilities services, managing the fleet (including section 19 permit applications), managing outside bookings, as well as prioritising front line ICT services, booking 3rd party contractors (in-line with safeguarding law) and the performance of law bound H&S inspections.

I understand the value of moral wisdom in my position and as such try to model this with any staff working directly in my line management structure, whilst maintaining a sense of humour and healthy working relationships. My key focus is on providing the most efficient service to garner the best environment possible within the provided means for the continued improvement of the teaching and learning environment.

Since undertaking the role, I completed a large 6 figure contract; procurement and tendering processes, and was also required to find value for money in all levels of organisational spending. I oversaw the completion of medium scale (30+ contractors over 2 months) refurbishment contracts, coordinating and scheduling from design to finish, including a complete site re-wire and replacement of 50% of the sites plant equipment.

I was required to order work to maximise efficiency of fixes and to follow up with principal contractors to ensure a snag list be finalised before delivery, as well as monitoring defects for the 12 month warranty period as drawn up in most contracts. Supplementary to this, I was involved in improving the money making aspects of the facilities bookings and brought new groups in to improve the income of the site.

I am also GDPR, DPO trained and currently hold the role as the schools Data Protection Officer, I drew up all relevant policies, procedures and impact assessments and formed the strategy used to transition the school from DPA 1998 to the GDPR 2018, last May. To date I have dealt with Subject access requests and breaches, reporting all in the appropriate time to the ICO.

Training during current employment:

Safeguarding in education training
MiDAS minibus training
Working at heights training
Fire marshal training

Sandown Bay Academy / Innovations and Development Manager
June: 2014 – March 2018,  Isle of Wight, U.K.

Responsibilities for the health, safety and welfare of 1400+ students, staff, members of the public & contractors on site, including being the designated individual with a ‘duty to manage’ asbestos and legionella according to the legal regulations. As well as ICT support for teaching and learning and 1st point of contact for the operations of the ICT 3rd party provision.

I was required to manage multiple 5 figure contracts and 6 figure budgets, and had an overall responsibility for the site and facilities provision, on a large estate of 5 large buildings of various ages, (1946 – 2006), an outdoor climbing wall, an olympic standard running track; all set on 28.21 acres of land.

In 2014, I designed and implemented the health and safety systems, procedures and action plans; raising the H&S audit standard from 73% (take up year score) to 84% (2015), then 93% (2016), a 20% rise in 2 years. This British Safety council external audit model is extensive and approved including  all legal certification and includes detailed auditing of risk assessment, H&S systems and impact and action plans. I reluctantly, but professionally assisted in centrally dictated redundancy and budget reductions over the last 3 years, and by carefully adjudicating efficiency adaptations, maintained our positive upward trend in H&S, this was achieved by carefully managing the priorities of teaching and learning with a wider view on the maintenance of the buildings with a reducing team and budget, where necessary, via the removal of non-essential services.

At maximum organisation operation levels, I was running a team of 16 cleaners (pre-contract out), 6 Site team members and 2 ICT contractors, all diverse and challenging characters! The job role included the day to day coordination of planned preventative maintenance and reactive services, as well as prioritising front line ICT services, booking 3rd party contractors (in-line with safeguarding law) and the performance of law bound H&S inspections.  I also assisted the team where necessary in repairs, maintenance and day to day logistics, including the handling of medicine.

I gained experience in the completion of 6 figure contracts assisting central services with a large refurbishment project; Learning and experiencing both procurement (PSB1&2) and tendering processes, and also assisted in the process of finding value for money in all levels of organisational spending from cleaning to ICT systems. I also  oversaw the completion of medium scale (15+ contractors) refurbishment contracts, coordinating and scheduling from principal design to finish inline with the CDM regulations, 2015. I assisted the central services in ordering work to maximise efficiency of fixes and followed up with principal contractors to ensure a snag list be finalised before delivery back to us, the client/principal designer.

IOSH Managing Safety Level 2
De-fib trained – NHS
Evacuation chair use  – Certified
Asbestos awareness – UKATA Certified
Asbestos – Duty to manage – E.S.G. Certified
Legionella awareness – E.S.G. Certified
Handling of medicine in social care – Level 2
NEBOSH trained (not yet qualified).
Sandown Bay Academy / ICT Technical support
September: 2011 – June:  2014, LOCATION
I was responsible for the provision of background and frontline ICT services over a 3 year period in a busy education environment. Assisting a team of 2 other techs, delivering high quality preventative and reactive support for 750 PC’s, 200 Apple products all based on a Microsoft windows domain hosted on a VMware SAN environment.

Knowledgeable in the use of Ruckus Wireless WAPs and experience of Zonedirector web portal management.

I was responsible for the management of the academies IRIS connect facility, which is a web hosted remote viewing and adjudication facility. Aiding staff film their lessons and then view it back, or being remote coached via the web interface.

I have a working knowledge of both analogue and IP phone systems, in 2015, I designed, purchased and project managed the complete installation of a 100 handset MITEL IP phone system, improving service quality and saving costs moving forward.

I trained staff in the use of technology in the classroom, including Google apps and AV technology.

Completed L.A.D.O.  safeguarding training.
Fire Marshal training and certification
P.A.T. certified
Sandown Bay Academy / Performing arts + theatre technician
September:  2008 – August:  2011, LOCATION
I was responsible for the;

The preparation and safe operation of theatre lighting, audio systems and props at a large MAT. My work also involved recording in a variety of  media, examination materials and class project work.

M.W.E.P. Licensed
Manual handling
Working at heights
Safeguarding in education training
C.o.S.H.H. Certification


Open University / BA Hons; Philosophy and Psychological studies
Oct’:  2013 – Completion: May: 2021,  U.K.


Clear, logical thinking and communication skills
Degree standard written and presentation work, including research reports and studies
The ability to construct and analyse informed, reasoned arguments
Skills involving the extrapolation  and critical evaluation of a broad spectrum of data
Understanding  and use a range of research methods
Wardle 6th Form College / AS levels
September: 1997 – September:  1998, Wardle, U.K.
General Studies – B

Biology – B

Media Studies – B

Wardle High School
September: 1991 – September:  1997, Wardle, U.K.

Music – A*

Art – A

English Language – B

English Literature – B

Maths – B

Science – B x3

History – C

French – C


British Safety Council / NEBOSH NGC (1,2&3).
September: 2016 – ONGOING: Completion date: September:  2020-21, U.K.
An essential and detailed qualification to comply with UK  fire legislation, minimise fire risks, and safeguard people in the event of fire. As well as practical knowledge and skills applicable to construction sites in the UK and overseas.

IOW COLLEGE  / IOSH Managing Safely Level 1&2
September: 2013,  U.K.
Internationally recognised certification for managers and supervisors
Learned to assess and control risks and hazards
Learned to understand personal responsibilities for safety and health, and that of others
Enabled me to investigate incidents
Empowered me to  measure your own performance
Allowed me to develop  personal reflections on best practice
Improved organisation-wide safety awareness culture and appreciation of safety measures
Learned strategies for Staff cultural buy-in
Open University: Organisations and Management Accounting
July: 2016,  U.K.
Learned to;

understand the nature and purpose of different types of organisations (commercial, voluntary, public sector and so on)
describe the different ways in which organisations may be structured
understand basic concepts of organisational structure
describe the main departments or functions of a business organisation
explain the advantages and disadvantages of centralised and decentralised organisations.
Full list of certification: Various providers
July: 2008 – CURRENT,  U.K.
Trained and certified;

De-fib trained – NHS
Evacuation chair use  – Certified
Organisations and Management Accounting – OU training
Asbestos awareness – UKATA Certified
Asbestos – Duty to manage – E.S.G. Certified
Legionella awareness – E.S.G. Certified
Completed L.A.D.O.  safeguarding training
G.D.P.R. Data Protection Officer role + responsibilities
Fire Marshal training and certification (x2)
IOSH Managing Safely LV1+2 Certified
P.A.T. Certified
M.W.E.P.  operators trained + certified (lapsed)
MiDAS minibus certified
Manual handling
Working at heights (x2)
Safeguarding in education training (x2)
C.o.S.H.H. Certification
Health and Social care Medical Handling Certification Level 2