Rhys John Hilditch


11 Tudor Place

Llantwit Major

V. Of Glamorgan

CF61 1TL


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Mobile – 07923518136




Highly experienced in customer relations and administration duties with a strong work ethic and a passion for learning new skills and gaining knowledge on unfamiliar situations.

Along with the freight forwarding experience I have an ability to work under high pressure, stressful conditions using my time accordingly. I work safely and to guidelines and regulations from working in dangerous environments and dealing with often difficult customers and situations. Sending hazardous freight I have a close attention to detail and along with my work sending shipments to restricted countries where, for example there are dual use item restrictions. Working in kitchens with perishables set me up well for an ability to improvise if needed and help other members of the team in case of for example, an absence. I worked on several key accounts for my previous employer in which I helped build a strong relationship between the shipper, my employer and consignee. I enjoy interacting with customers and developing professional relationships that secure loyalty of the customer and supplier.





When working at my previous employer a shipper was disorganised with invoices sent daily for a weekly shipment. This slowed down the rate at which my colleagues and I could process these shipments bringing a detrimental impact to time management. I had to find a way to organise the format for customs and B/L instruction submission, subsequently, I created an excel spreadsheet that tallied the dimensions, weight and commodity codes of a shipment that also allowed for quick recall of previous shipments. This cut down time spent sorting the final invoices for shipping, freeing up more of my colleagues and my time to be spent constructively elsewhere.


When working for my previous employer a shipper had need of monthly updated rates to specialised locations in Africa. The shipper wanted to keep rates stable for a couple of months at a time which was a problem due to the fluid political situations in some of the target countries. I had to find and keep competitive rates for a number of destinations and a number of months for standard and specialised containers. I liaised with several lines using contacts built up over time to get the competitive rates for the destinations and specialised containers with agreements that their service would be used only if the specifications of the shipment were met. This increased the volume of freight we handled for the shipper while also increasing the profit margin on each individual shipment.


When working for a previous employer our target was to increase ale sales to increase our projected gross profit while still following company Standard Operating Procedures (SOP). I had to implement a way of caring for and selling real ales at an increased rate and as I had not been with the company for long, gain the managers confidence in my ability. I used my experience and training to implement effective care of the real ales, improving the quality for longer and I trained staff in the care and maintenance to continue the high quality while still operating inside the company SOP’s. This increased our sales through word of mouth and got us into the national Good Beer Guide which further increased sales through ale enthusiasts visiting to sample products and improved the premises standing in the company as it had not been open long. The pub is still in the Good Beer Guide two years after my leaving and is still using the SOP’s I put in place to this day.


When working for my previous employer a shipper wanted daily updates of the multiple shipments which I co-ordinated for them. This was a demanding key account that changed forwarder regularly. I had to implement an easy to read system as some of the shippers dispatch department were inexperienced with non-EU freight and all that entails. I devised an excel document that was clearly labelled, easy to use, and update which could be sent via email daily to keep the shipper appraised of the status of the shipments we had under our control. This kept the shipper loyal to my previous company for an extended amount of time and, to my knowledge, they are still sending their freight using the spreadsheet I designed.




Administration Agent/Customer Service Agent ( General and Financial Enquiries)/Subject Matter Expert

Sitel LTD July 2018 – Current

As an administration agent I was responsible for updating and estimating customers tariffs for one of the UK’s ‘Big 6’ energy providers. This required accurate data entry and adherence to strict OFGEM regulations. In my role as a customer service agent I help solve all manner of problems regarding products sold by one of the UK’s leading high street department stores. This can range from damaged or faulty products and organising their replacement, chasing failed deliveries and organising ‘ad-hoc’ deliveries (which my previous experience has given me a firm understanding of) and dealing with customers that expect the very best in customer service. I have also been trained and operated on the call line for enquiries about finance applications, providing customers with detailed knowledge of how the agreements work. My additional role as a subject matter expert has me as a first line of escalation giving support and advice to other agents in the Plymouth, Exeter or Manilla offices about customer queries and how to resolve them over our in house instant messenger system.


Canvaser/Operations Co-ordinator/Surveyor/Driver/Training Provider

Carbon Saving Group, Plymouth    July 2017 – June 2018

My canvassing role required me to cold call house to house, working in rural areas targeting large farm houses. This meant I had to drive a company vehicle and plan routes and areas to target myself using various forms of research. I worked on a target driven format. I provided training to new starters on my methods which are still used by all staff. In my operations co-ordinator role I was responsible for making sure engineers knew their routes and appointments daily and weekly planners for all call out staff were up to date. I was also first point of call for all customer enquiries and had sole responsibility for troubleshooting any problems customers might have had. As a surveyor I would make appointments from leads obtained by the sales department then go to the customers property and conduct a deemed score survey which was in accordance with all regulations required by OFGEM to implement the ECO 2t help to heat initiative.


Driver/Telemarketer/Canvaser/Weekend Sales Desk Manager

Safestyle Windows, Plymouth  November 2015 – June 2017

My telemarketing role was calling warm data to book appointments with existing or new customers that wanted further work done on their properties. My door canvaser role was going door to door showing information and communicating with potential customers. I was also responsible for driving my team to and from work every morning and evening. On the sales desk I was responsible for confirming appointments, dishing the appointments to the on the road designers, managing resources to ensure all appointments were met and giving on the day quotes to designers when requested. I also had duties in an admin role keeping track of and updating customer information in various electronic and paper forms.









Road/Courier Freight Operator

SDV Logistics, Cardiff    March 2015 – October 2015

My daily duties were organising daily courier and road freight shipments for key accounts, organising accurate picking and packing of products kept in SDV warehouses for shipment around the world and interacting with customers on a daily basis to build up a high level of trust and rapport. I also met with reps from the different haulage and courier companies I used to get the best price and mark out areas where their service needs shoring up to keep a smooth, high level of service for my clients. Often working to very tight deadlines I would provide quotes and use my knowledge to give the best rates for customers, who tender to several companies to secure the best price. Daily, I had to refer to different currencies and convert them accurately when giving quotes. Working alongside colleagues in different departments, offices and countries I effectively controlled shipments all around the world.


Road/Courier/Sea-freight Operator & Warehouse Liaison

Concordia International Freight, Cwmbran     July 2014 – February 2015

My duties differed daily. On road freight I organised collections and deliveries both domestic and international, working with direct vehicle and groupage providers. I also utilised pallet networks for regular freight.

For sea-freight I performed similar daily tasks to my previous practices and I have gained experience using ASM Sequoia to process customs filing.

Each morning I tracked shipments and updated reports and databases detailing the courier shipments that were in transit or had been delivered. I am now familiar with booking collections using the TNT and Fedex programs and making bookings through Air Menzies. I organised both domestic and international collections and deliveries with the knowledge to process controlled and heavyweight shipments and organised both in house and outsourced insurance underwriting for high value/high volume shipments.

I was the office’s point of contact between our own warehouse team and drivers, organising collections and deliveries from customers and time critical deliveries to integrator and LHR depots.



Sea-freight /Air Import Operator

DSV Air & Sea Cardiff/Bristol     Nov 2012 – June 2014

Key duties included correlating rates for shippers and overseas offices, data input of shipment details into the company database system and the customs system Impatex on both exports and imports for clearance. Organising shipments on different INCO terms such as CFR, Ex-works and DAP/DDP. This included the submission and checking of MBL from co-loaders and lines, the cutting of HBL’s both Express and Original. I was also responsible for several key accounts on both exports and imports, visiting them so they got to know me and hosting at corporate events. I have experience at controlling hazardous shipments and with regulations laid down by HMRC to restricted countries and organising both in house and outsourced insurance underwriting for high value/high volume shipments. All shipments were followed to company SOP’s. I was also in control of several key accounts on both export and import.


Senior Barman/Team Leader

JDW Weatherspoon’s, Barry        Feb 2010 – Oct 2012

I was responsible for a team of 15 plus bar staff. Duties included making sure staff appearance was up to company standards, punctuality for shifts was up to standard and all company Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) were followed in regulation with UK health and safety law. I was first point of contact helping customers with any complaints and queries in a helpful manner and dealing with drunk, abusive or violent patrons and there ejection from the premises. I used touch screen tills to sell products and was in charge of putting up displays for daily, weekly and seasonal promotions. I also accurately made orders for more stock and I was in charge of the cellar, rotating stock and care for real ales, lagers and ciders, working in a very busy establishment with a high weekly turnover that gives confidence and the ability to deal in a friendly manner with very different situations in a high pressure environment.    My management of the cellar and quality of ales sold brought us to the attention of the UK Good Beer Guide who entered us and The Sir Samuel Romilly is still in it. My shifts were typically 10+ hours long.



The Horseshoe Inn, Marcross    May 2008 – Dec 2008

I was responsible for the sale and quality of over the bar purchases, and taking orders for food accurately and its delivery to the table. I was in charge of one to two waiters/waitresses on busy Saturday shifts and tended bar on my own on Mondays dealing with busy high pressure environments for extended periods of time. I was in charge of stocking up the bar at end of shift and detailing what needed ordering for the following delivery.


Chef de Partie/Barman

The Old Swan Inn, Llantwit Major    June 2004 – Jan 2010

As Chef de Partie I was responsible for a kitchen team of two plus and the bar team of two plus. I was the front of house point of contact for the kitchen relating to any customer queries or complaints. I was responsible for ensuring all dishes were served as per UK European Health Organisation/Health & Safety guidelines and to Head Chefs specifications. I ordered in ingredients from suppliers, met supplier representatives to ensure the best quality and price. I also created and added dishes to the menu and worked out gross profit per dish to ensure a 70% minimum. I prepared ingredients for the a la carte menu as all dishes were prepared fresh. This also gave me training in stock rotation. Working in an award winning kitchen making 100 plus meals a day teaches you to manage your time efficiently, how to handle high pressure environments, and how to work with dangerous environments safely. Working in a professional kitchen you work to the kitchen needs and not your rota this has put me in good stead for long hours in strenuous environments.

As a barman I was trained to look after the cellar which included training on real ale care and stock rotation on alcohol. I was in charge of a team of two plus bar staff and one plus floor staff on busy nights all year round.









































Llantwit Major Comprehensive School 2000 – 2007 (including 6th form)


GCSE:                                A Level:

Pass Grades




Royal Air Training Corps May 2004 – March 2007

Aviation Studies – BTEC (Senior Cadet Flight Sergeant / Staff Cadet/ Senior on Squadron)

Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award

Duke of Edinburgh Silver Award


Freight Industry

Aviation Security Level A/D (Expired)

Hazardous materials awareness (Expired)

H&S awareness in manually moving objects.



Full, clean, UK driving license.




I am a confident IT user of Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Explorer and Google Chrome with a confident and polite telephone manner.

I have a well-developed ability to manage my time accordingly and work under high pressure while keeping my work accurate.

I work well individually or in a team and have tried and tested team leading and decision making abilities with an analytical viewpoint.




I enjoy reading extensively, mostly Sci-Fi or fantasy, playing computer games and watching films. I also enjoy swimming, rugby and football and I am an 8th Kyu (red belt) at Shotokan Karate.