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Recruitment Search England

England is one of the four countries in the UK and shares a border with Wales and Scotland. Home to the UK’s capital, London, it covers over half of Great Britain and includes around 100 smaller islands. Its largest cities include Birmingham, Sheffield, Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Newcastle, Bradford and Nottingham.

England Employment facts

There are 28,852,000 employees across England, giving the country an employment rate of 79.6 per cent. The median weekly pay stands at £574.90.

Main industries and employers in England

England has one of the largest economies in the world and is a major producer of textiles and chemicals. Transport manufacturing is also highly important to the country, with the production of cars, trains and aircraft playing a major economic role.

Tourism is a major industry in England, contributing around 8 per cent of GDP and employing over 2 million people. England is also one of the world’s biggest fishing nations, and agriculture is also a major source of income.

A large part of England’s income is generated by the City of London. As one of the world’s main financial centres, this sector has come to dominate the economy since the 1990s.

The service sector has overtaken manufacturing and primary industries in England, as those traditional industries decline. The construction industry now plays a major role in the economy, driven by the associated services and financial sector.