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Recruitment Agency Eastern England

The region of Eastern England is made up of the counties of Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, Norfolk and Suffolk.

Essex is the most populated area, while its biggest cities are Bedford, Cambridge, Colchester, Luton, Peterborough, Southend-on-Sea, Basildon, Norwich, Ipswich, Chelmsford. The south of the region lies within the commuter belt of London.

Eastern England Employment facts

Eastern England has 3,227,000 employees, giving the area an employment rate of 79.2 per cent. The median weekly pay is £590.30.

Main industries and employers in Eastern England

The region is one of the fastest-growing in terms of population and economy and is reliant on services for employment, including a robust financial services sector, plus automotive and pharmaceutical manufacturing and ICT. The highest earners tend to be located near to London, in Hertfordshire, which the lowest pay is found in Peterborough and Norwich.

The East is typically dominated by rural and coastal areas, as well as traditional market towns. However, it is also home to medium-sized cities including Cambridge, Norwich, Luton and Peterborough. Its southern parts also lie within the catchment area of London’s thriving commuter belt. Regionally, it relies heavily on the service industry, but it enjoys a robust financial services sector too. Some major players in ICT and manufacturing industries such as pharmaceuticals and automotive also have a base here. Nevertheless, there are striking contrasts throughout the East of England, with higher GVA and earnings being felt in those communities that lie nearer to London, in Hertfordshire, while lower figures are reported in more remote cities such as Peterborough and Norwich.

Eastern England has a strong reputation for research, and being home to world-class facilities of the University of Cambridge has helped international corporations and new start-ups to choose this region as a base.