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Recruitment Agency South East England

England’s third-largest region, the South East is comprised of the counties of Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, East Sussex, West Sussex, Hampshire, Kent, the Isle of Wight, Oxfordshire and Surrey.

Major cities include Brighton and Hove, Canterbury, Chichester, Oxford, Portsmouth, Southampton and Winchester. Its closeness to London and good road links have helped turn South East England into an economic hub, and it has the second-largest economy in the country, after the capital. Home to the UK’s second major airport, Gatwick Airport, its coast on the English Channel lies just 21 miles from France at its closest point, making it a convenient gateway to mainland Europe.

South East England Employment facts

The South East of England has 4,820,000 employees, giving the region a higher than national average employment rate of 82.2%. The area is prosperous, with a median gross weekly pay for full-time workers of £614.50, second only to the capital.

Main industries and employers in South East England

A number of technology companies can be found in Surrey and Berkshire. Microsoft and Oracle have neighbouring UK headquarters in Reading, not far from the Yell Group and Logica near the M4. The Gatwick Diamond is a hi-tech industry hub, centred at Gatwick Airport, with Epsom lying to the north and Burgess Hill situated in the south. Vodafone is the biggest company by turnover in the South East, followed by Ineos.