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Recruitment Search Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland is a country in the UK, which lies to the north of the island of Ireland. It is made up of six counties: County Antrim, County Armagh, County Down, County Fermanagh, County Londonderry and County Tyrone. It is sparsely populated, with around 3 per cent of the UK’s total population. It has its own assembly, which takes care of a number of policies. Its capital is Belfast and other urban centres include Derry and Lisburn.

Northern Ireland Employment facts

Northern Ireland has 895,000 employees, giving it an employment rate of 74.2 per cent, just under that of the UK’s average of 75 per cent. The median weekly wage is £523.30.

Main industries and employers in Northern Ireland

The traditional heavy industries of Northern Ireland included textiles, shipbuilding and rope making, and they have been replaced primarily by services, dominated by employment in the public sector. 70 per cent of Northern Ireland’s revenue is from the service sector. Tourism is growing to be an important industry, especially since the end of the political strife caused by the Troubles, with top destinations including Derry, Belfast and Armagh.

While it falls down on research and development compared with other parts of the UK, international businesses are attracted to Northern Ireland due to its highly skilled and educated, English-speaking workforce, its pro-business structure and because it is home to one of the youngest populations in Europe.