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Recruitment Search Scotland

Scotland lies to the north of the UK and has an autonomous government which takes responsibility for day-to-day economic activity including research and innovation. Its major cities include the capital, Edinburgh, and Glasgow.

Scotland Employment facts

Scotland has 2,779,000 employees, giving it an employment rate of 78.1 per cent. The median weekly pay stands at £562.70.

Main industries and employers in Scotland

The economy of Scotland is very diverse and is made up of a range of activities, including agriculture, fishing, oil and gas extraction from the North Sea, and a growing number of newer technologies and engineering.

Despite the decline in manufacturing across the UK, Scotland continues to build on its industrial legacy in the goods it makes, including textiles, whisky, buses, engines, ships, computer software and hardware, as well as banking, insurance and investment management.

The service sector is now the country’s largest employer overall, while in the North East and on the west coast of Scotland, fishing is a major part of the economy. Heavy industry and extraction have mostly been replaced by light industry, for example, the production of optoelectronics and chemicals, and also life sciences. Tourism is also an important part of Scotland’s economy and growth.