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Recruitment Search Wales

Wales is a UK country bordering England, the Irish Sea and the Bristol Channel. Two-thirds of its people live in the South, which is home to the capital, Cardiff, plus the major cities of Swansea and Newport.

Wales Employment facts

There are 1,545,000 employees in Wales, giving the country an employment rate of 77.8 per cent, close to the UK average. The median weekly pay for a worker in Wales is £518.60.

Main industries and employers in Wales

Since the decline in Wales’ traditional heavy industries, the country now depends on the public sector, including health and education, the service sector, light industry and tourism for employment and economic growth.

Cardiff is the main centre of economic activity in Wales, contributing a high share of output for the country, along with the adjoining Vale of Glamorgan. Cardiff relies mainly on retail, finance, tourism and media, and in recent years has undergone massive regeneration.

Around 77% of land in Wales’ is devoted to agriculture, and it has a varied manufacturing sector, which still includes some heavy industry and the making of automotive parts. The country’s scenic beauty and long coastline attracts many visitors and has made tourism economically important.